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More info on why your getting advertisement email in your inbox and you did not order or ask for junk email but you got it anyway. How to figure out where the bugs are.

Saturday, February 25, 2017 8:49 PM

Dear Customers, now take for instance the new free mail client from Microsoft, its called (OUTLOOK) and the http:// or https:// maybe beginning and then   opens a page on the browser so you add sign in : with your favorite email address that you like to use and free or is free mean your going to pay but you did not know your good friends at Microsoft Outlook are really making a lot of money on their free mail service by having ad’s on your mail page.

I would like to inform millions of my loyal Americans to learn the truth about internet and the mail service provided by large company’s mostly Microsoft has a part in most email traffic around the world really big income for Microsoft and money paid ad’s.

Take a look at your inbox (incoming mail) a lot of email some from company’s you don’t know who they are at your inbox saying open this email and look at the fine stuff we have to offer, total spam email, and written into the background of the mail client by Microsoft who in turn are charging the advertiser for their back door approach to everyones email . So I don’t know the solution but I do know they have copy’s of everyones mail incoming and outgoing on their hugh storage system. My personal suggestion is to delete the non-addressed emails that are basic ad’s and most are not worth the time to open and read them but really fear not they will not hurt your computer if you open your email messages just to see what they are or what they are ad’s about.

The best way to save money is to not pay the money to fear induced local scam artists that say they can clean your computer of bad email ad’s and keep out the trash, is a flack of mostly just trying to get on your pay role. They cant do nothing about this problem because the people who write the software package like Microsoft has the ability to stop the junk email from coming in but they like money and money they make by helping these little company’s get into your inbox like regular incoming mail. Good luck everyone and write me anytime if you need more knowledge on a varity of subjects, you can ask about most general topic of value email us: Free knowledge advice but pay pal donations are cash and cash is welcome to help us stay debt free and working for the public.

Email us for a link to my account at paypal to donate money to help keep America beautiful again. Signed and written by Cowboy copyright 08/22/2019 {All Rights Reserved 2019-2024}  Welcome to the new domain name 

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