Welcome to our new website saddle smith saddlery . com

We now have full ownership of this domain name and saddle shop is open.

We have 20 saddles ready to ride after a few adjustments and connection checks for safety and proper fit of the horse is also important. All saddles fit different breeds of horses and different events require slight changes in the height and width of the gullet and the flat area across the back of the horses.

After a broke ranch horse pitch and buck for a while I realize the saddle is not a quality saddle but a major brand name which did not fit the horses back. I had to have a new custom saddle built and paid top dollar but received a safe ride in return. make sure the bars fit the curve in the back of the horses and that the gullet is not too tight or explained 4″ width between the bars just behind the swells in the hand holt area fit most quarter horses.

Any horse will pitch, jump, twitch, complain, if the saddle does not fit, buy one of my saddles if it docent work great and fit your horse you get $1000.00 cash back, we will discuss the size and shape of your horse before you buy.

Thanks and please buy from us, and your horse will thank you also.

All followers and members contact us:

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