Ranch Saddle

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The ranch saddle is the most used item for a real cowboy, sometime spending hours checking the cattle and the fence and also taking a trip in the trailer to a local event, horsemanship western pleasure for the city slickers and good paying jobs.

I now own a trailer load of two year old gelding quarter horses will be selling them in the spring and hope to find their qualities and abilities = roping cattle, or cutter cattle, team penning, and check them out for turning around barrels.

A couple of these colt’s papers go back to 3 bars and 3 bars was a thorobred stallion and produced some money making foals. Most of these horses are mostly quarter horse with some of the great stallions in the papers will be selling for $15,000 – $26,000 price range. C Bar Ranch ask for Cowboy and call for more

info: ranchcowboy@outlook.com

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cowboy@saddlesmithsaddlery.com to buy a saddle selling all saddles at wholesale prices get one today before they are all sold out. We are no longer taking new saddle orders !

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