Cowboy Blue Western saddles

Cowboy has built you some great saddles

2013 – 2021

We deliver the saddle on time! We ship as a owner and operator (we deliver) on time you are protected by insurance to receive the saddle you want and check it out and ride it, check all tie downs and all connections to be safe and saddle up properly the first time lope the horse in a large circle with a long lead rope and let him get used to the new saddle before mounting check the quick connecting buckles to make sure they are the correct length and they are connected secure, also connect a strap from under the horses belly from the front cinch to the back cinch is very important.

This page is out of sink, does not flow proper and is difficult to edit and the blocks set up is difficult.

Welcome to our website, the pages are difficult to build and the blocks are random but the saddles are in new condition and if you can mail us a check we will ship to your street address or to a commerical business where you can pick up your UPS box loaded with one saddle and all the gear to run it, usually close to ready to ride, check all connections and make sure the strap from the front cinch connects to the back cinch.

2013 – 2021 Cowboy (owner_operator)

We will ship the saddle in 3 business days to 5 business days, if you don’t get the saddle in 3 days give us a call 915-503-9025 Operatiions Mgr and shipping deptment ask for Cowboy

Arrival will be with Fed X or UPS only and allow one week to receive the saddle by truck freight if not there in 3 or 4 days call me and i will check out the package and let you know where it is in the system delivery location or will be able to give you a real close estimate of the expected delivery date. I will tell you, don’t worry it will arrive in a timely manner.

Cowboy Blue Saddle Company

Made by independant saddle makers design by Cowboy


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